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{{ sec_header(name="Wide Spread Because Of The Wrong Reason") }}
- Python is seen as "the beginner's language", and it really should not be. There is practically 
- As said earlier on this website, Python has numerous issues that stop the newbie from quickly getting used to other PLs, by lacking basic functions.
- Python should only be used if you wanna handicap yourself into an inferior PL, just to see what you can do. No more, no less.

{{ sec_header(name="Conclusion") }}

Python is shitty garbage that stops the user from getting into other programming languages because it lacks basic functions and has garbage commands. And even that is a compliment.  

Are any of these reasons listed on this site a reason to stop using programs that use Python? No! None of these reasons matter if you're not directly coding in Python. Is it a reason to boycott Python and stop using it in your own programming shenanigans? Absolutely. 

And, one more thing:

Please spread the site so more people know the truth. It would mean the world to me. Thanks.

Sections changed:

{{ sec_header(name="Other Issues") }}
- Strings can be evaluated as code, also encouraging spaghetti code.
- Doc comments are available at runtime using `help(element)`, and they should not be, because this too encourages spaghetti code.
- The command line REPL prints `Use exit() or Ctrl-Z plus Return to exit` for no reason, instead of simply exiting.

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