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Maunium Synapse

This is a fork of Synapse to remove dumb limits and fix bugs that the upstream devs don't want to fix.

The only official distribution is the docker image in the GitLab container registry, but you can also install from source (upstream instructions).

The master branch and :latest docker tag are upgraded to each upstream release candidate very soon after release (usually within 10 minutes). There are also docker tags for each release, e.g. :1.57.0. If you don't want RCs, use the specific release tags.

List of changes

  • Default power level for room creator is 9001 instead of 100.
  • Room creator can specify a custom room ID with the room_id param in the request body. If the room ID is already in use, it will return M_CONFLICT.
  • URL previewer user agent includes Bot so Twitter previews work properly. Upstreamed after over 2 years 🎉
  • Local event creation concurrency is disabled to avoid unnecessary state resolution.
  • Register admin API can register invalid user IDs.
  • Docker image with jemalloc enabled by default.
  • Config option to allow specific users to send events without unnecessary validation.
  • Config option to allow specific users to receive events that are usually filtered away (e.g. org.matrix.dummy_event and
  • Config option to allow specific users to use timestamp massaging without being appservice users.
  • Config option to allow appservices to use MSC2716 batch sending as any local user.
  • Removed bad pusher URL validation.
  • webp images are thumbnailed to webp instead of jpeg to avoid losing transparency.
  • Media repo Cache-Control header says immutable and 1 year for all media that exists, as media IDs in Matrix are immutable.
  • Allowed sending custom data with read receipts.


Generating a new config will include the meow section, but this is here for reference for existing configs.

   # List of users who aren't subject to unnecessary validation in the C-S API.
   - ""
   # List of users who will get org.matrix.dummy_event and events down /sync
   - ""
   # Whether or not the admin API should be able to register invalid user IDs.
   admin_api_register_invalid: true
   # List of users who can use timestamp massaging without being appservices
   - ""
   # Whether appservices should be allowed to use MSC2716 batch sending as any local user.
   appservice_batch_send_any: false